Please indulge me in covering a little bit of history before I get to the answer.

God said let there be light. Then people started showing up, love happened, illness, death, eventually the world’s oldest profession arrived, followed by the world’s oldest economic system called slavery.

Fast forward thousands of years to a time where advancements in naval technology created the following: Those who previously only enslaved people of their own race, could now sail to other places to enslave people of different races. It also allowed transoceanic travel to a new land we now call America.

When the first African slaves were brought to America in 1619, slavery as a concept, was less controversial than calling on a young maiden without her parents being around. As time moved on the institution of slavery, which was taken for granted as a normal part of the human experience, started to be challenged on moral grounds because it conflicted with the novel concept of personal liberty and freedom.

However, when it came time to form a more perfect union the conflict between the institution of slavery and personal liberty and freedom was nothing to fight over but something to find a compromise in.

Time marched on and four distinct cultures from the old world arrive to the new world. These four cultures were the Quakers, Puritans, Cavaliers and Redneck Celtics. The Quakers and Puritans primarily settled in the North and the Cavaliers and Redneck-Celtics (not used as an insult but an identifier) settled in the South. See: Albion’s Seed Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer

These people formed societies based on cultural values and attributes that existed prior to arriving in America. The Northern society, with hard labor and education, viewed as a virtue and a Southern society that disdained physical labor and anyone who did it.

Of particular note is the culture of the Celtic- Rednecks. According to David Hackett Fischer Albion’s Seed and referenced in Thomas Sowell’s book Black Rednecks and White Liberals “They were a people described as having an aversion to work, proneness to violence, neglect of education, sexual promiscuity, improvidence, drunkenness, lack of entrepreneurship,… and a style of religious oratory marked by strident rhetoric, unbridled emotions, and flamboyant imagery.” Paraphrasing from The Economics and Politics of Race by Thomas Sowell “By 1680, half of the slaves in America were born in America. By the time slavery was abolished, 99% were born in America.” The Celtic-Redneck culture is what black slaves were exposed to and subsequently adopted.

It must be stated that although Redneck-Celtic cultural values and attributes served them well in a tribal and agrarian society certain aspects of this culture have been proven to be a hindrance to success in an industrialized society. Similarly, the Bushido code served the Japanese well during Japan’s feudal era but was deemed inefficient in an industrial society.

The very influential aristocratic attitudes of the Cavilers, blended with the Celtic-Redneck culture, along with the total dependence of the black slaves, made up the agricultural society ultimately represented by the Confederate government.

As the North became more industrialized with factories and the South grow more dependent on slave labor as its economic engine, the idea of bringing factories to the South and putting slaves in the factories started to be heard. The northerners were like “Oh hell no. We can’t compete with slave wages! i.e. no wages”

The institution of slavery for the first time in history really started to be challenged. Now on moral and economic grounds. This tried and true economic engine deployed in the South was a threat to the future progress of industrialization in America and the growth of a free market society.

What does this have to do with Trump? It’s coming.

The Southerners needed a galvanizing tool to fight the threat to their economic engine and way of life. So, someone came up with the idea of white supremacy and they coupled that with a political tool called racism. As Ayn Rand put it “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” The Virtue of Selfishness

It should be obvious from the aforementioned that these things were not needed while whites were enslaving other whites, blacks were enslaving other blacks, or when Asians were enslaving other Asians.

The slave oligarchy of the South which at the height of slavery in 1850 amounted to 346,048 people (less than 11% of all Americans at the time) was able to use the idea of white supremacy and racism to influence poor whites into fighting a war on their behalf. See: The Impending Crisis of the South by Hinton Rowan Helper published in 1851.

That is except for the Yeomen class of whites in what is now called West Virginia. They seceded from Virginia because they didn’t want to fight a war on behalf of a slave oligarchy. See: Poor Whites of the Antebellum South by Charles C. Bolton

A civil war broke out between the Northerners representing a free market society based on individualism and the Southerners representing a racist society based on collectivism.

Fortunately, the representatives of a free market society prevailed and the institution of slavery for the first time in the history of mankind was deemed illegal. (America wasn’t the first to declare it illegal. I know. Just roll with me on this… and I’ll get to Trump.)

The people who relied on the slave economy of the South were now forced into a situation where they had to compete as laborers in a free market society. A society where a person’s skills, values, and social values were their primary attributes as opposed to the former racist society where a person’s race was their primary attribute. Moreover, the very people who loathed labor had to now compete as equals with blacks who knew nothing but labor.

This created what I call the Lebron James effect. Imagine being the owners and management of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday and then having to compete against Lebron James and any other four human beings yet along four other NBA players on Tuesday in a professional game of basketball. What do you think they said? Say it with me …“Oh hell no.” (taking liberties here but you get the point)

Although the Confederate government that represented the Racist society of the South was defeated, the Racist society and those that favored it didn’t disappear. In fact, many of the leaders of the Confederate government were restored to previous or similar positions in government in the South after reconstruction.

The restored ex-confederate members of the Democratic Party blocked the first civil rights bills (that passed 100 years later) and also came up with a way to suppress competition in the labor force while simultaneously restoring the social hierarchy of race in society with… you guessed it… Jim Crow laws.

Time marched on with blacks fighting for individual rights and dealing with Jim Crow and real institutionalized racism like the Davis Bacon Act/Federal Minimum wage act. This came about in-part because some clever northern capitalists started bringing skilled black labor (carpenters) from the South to the North and underbidding the white skilled laborers in the North. This cause another “oh hell no” moment and we get the Federal minimum wage law.

Politicians played on the prejudices of the white community and assumed that if they had to pay a carpenter say $1 an hour regardless of race most would prefer to give it to a white carpenter. The effect of this was fewer opportunities for blacks in the market, less competition for whites, and it eliminated the need for whites to refine their skills relative to the competition in a free market. (That can be called systematic racism — not failing inner-city schools.)

We arrive at a post-1960’s civil rights era where blacks and whites were now free to compete in the labor market as equals and we all lived happily ever after. Nope. There was another Lebon James moment. However, this time some politicians along with post-civil-rights-soon-to-be-out-of-work-social-activist began to tell people who looked like Lebron James that they can’t win in America (labor market) in the present or future because of what racist people have done in the past.

Ambiguous, gooey, undefinable terms such as white privilege, the legacy of slavery, and systematic racism were constantly being heard in media outlets and on school campuses. These terms are used to spearhead legislation for social equality;something MLK, Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and others have all said is impossible to legislate. See: Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass.

This constant attempt to legislate social equality has three major effects. Number one is to polarize and separates voting blocks into black and white. Number two is to distract people from the absolute necessity of obtaining the “marketable” skills, values and social behaviors needed for an “individual” to succeed in a free market society. Number three keeps those who have yet to come to the realization of number two faithfully dependent on government and politicians as protectors in the fight against perceived racism and reverse racism stimulated from number one.

Which leads us to the question: How did we end up with Trump?

Trump is the natural progression of this story. Trump has managed to position himself as a pseudo-savior to many affected by number one above. This does not mean that those who are pro-Trump are racist or pro-racism!

However, MAGA rings MMWVA (make my whiteness valuable again) to blacks and whites caught up in the collectivism of a racist society.

I’m in no way suggesting that whiteness never had a value. In fact, the case concerning Plessy v. Fergurson was a case in which Plessy asserted that his whiteness was infringed upon. See: Plessy v. Fergurson Supreme Court of the United States, 1896 163 U.S. 537, 16 S. Ct. 1138, 41 L.Ed. 256. Fortunately, we are a more enlightened community now.

Racism is a political tool for collectivism. As Ayn Ryan put it “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” The Virtue of Selfishness

Racism distracts from the fact that America is great not because of collectivism but because of individualism.

Racism has created a false security in just being white that has led to some white people ignoring the need for “marketable” skills. They are being left behind in a free market society with nothing to blame but reverse racism, illegal aliens, and the lack of a border wall for drug overdoses and unemployment.

Racism has created a false insecurity in just being black that has led some blacks to ignore the need for “marketable” skills. They are being left behind in a free market society with nothing to blame but racism, under or nonperforming schools, drug overdoses, and unemployment.

Today, many members of both voting blocks are currently underemployed, unemployed or unemployable. The future will be even worst. Artificial Intelligence and automation will eliminate their necessity as participants in the free market’s labor pool. Cries about illegal aliens or the legacy of slavery will fall on the death ears of politicians impotent to fight the ever forward marching technology of the free market society.

If you are going to support any politician make sure you support the politician who will represent you as an individual citizen in this free market society. Demand that they clear a path for you and your dependents to obtain the skills, values and social behaviors needed to adequately participate in America’s free market.

This is not an endorsement or rebuke of any particular politician.