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on August 23, 2017
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There are a lot of great themes and life lessons you can glean from the experiences shared in this book. I’ll chose my words carefully to make sure I don’t spoil anything. To be brief, I’ll highlight the one theme that kept me thinking and I’m sure will continue to enhance certain perspectives in my life, long after I turned the last page.

The two societies the author defines through his life experiences will compel its readers to take a hard look in the mirror and reflect on who they are as a person and what decisions they’ve made , good and bad, that brought them to their current state in life. To that end, I believe there is theme around owning the decisions you make and how you react when life throws you under a bus, parks, and puts on the safety brake for good measure.

The fact is we all make decisions and there will be a time you feel pinned down. This book portrays one man’s journey to scrap, wriggle, crawl, and stand. And not just to get out of a bad situation society can put you in, but to get to a point in life you’re proud of, one you want to share with others. I encourage those who read this to simply get through chapter 6 if nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, the entire book is a page-turner but in the context of the theme I mentioned earlier those chapters will bring all people to a moment where they can say “Yeah…I’ve been there.” By “there”, I mean a point where there is no family, no friend, no ally to give you a pep-talk except yourself. A point where you have to stir up the last molecule of effort to accomplish a goal. The author portrays a vulnerability coupled with content akin to being approached by an old friend. Once you’ve read this book, I can guarantee if you are honest with yourself, you could strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and ask them “What’s your (Chapter 6) story and how did it end?”.

And by the time you both share those stories as described thematically in this book, three things will happen.
One – you will obtain a new humbleness for all your past experiences.
Two – you will have a new respect for your fellow man regardless of their background.
Three – you will leave that conversation with your head held up high and with a smile.

It’s interesting the author is doing exactly that on the back cover.
I’d like to think after reading this I know why. For reasons of my own, I can do the same.