Because not all white people have experienced whatever the hell white privilege is supposed to be.

The concept of white privilege ignores the efforts involved in obtaining the skills, values and social behaviors that make an individual successful in a free market society.

Yes, if you are white the KKK or other individual racists may not have an issue with you. However, I doubt if the white oral surgeon I saw last week stood in a line to be granted a profession. I doubt if white college students competing with Africans and Asians for grades believe in a white privilege.

The concept of white privilege also totally ignores the actions of those who are not granted this so-called privilege.

Here is a scenario:

A black guy studies hard, he has a family and a community supporting his academic efforts, he is admitted to and graduates from MIT with a degree in Computer Science, he applies for the same job at Google that the guy with white privilege applies for who graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Computer Science degree.

Do you think white privilege will get the white guy a job at Google over the black MIT grad? If you say yes, statistics say that you are dead wrong and I say that you are a fool. Similarly, situated minorities earn more than similarly situated whites.

The problem in the scenario is not white privilege. The problem is too many people pay more attention to racism than obtaining the skills, values, and social behaviors needed to be successful in a free market.

White privilege is another buzz word used to keep your focus off what is import in a free market society. Focus on obtaining the skills, values and social behaviors that lead to success in a free market society and you will realize how stupid the concept of white privilege really is. You will also discover the true motives of many of today’s politicians.