My answer to: Should descendants of slaves be able to get reparations?

This is an extremely polarizing yet extremely important question. Considering the limitations of a Quora platform I’ll do as much justice as I can to such an important question. First I need to put slavery into its proper context. If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession slavery has to be the world’s oldest economic institution. [...]

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My answer to: Why do some white people have trouble understanding white privilege?

Because not all white people have experienced whatever the hell white privilege is supposed to be. The concept of white privilege ignores the efforts involved in obtaining the skills, values and social behaviors that make an individual successful in a free market society. Yes, if you are white the KKK or other individual racists may [...]

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How do Libertarians view discrimination?

How do Libertarians view discrimination? Speaking as an individual Black American Libertarian I have always wondered about the contrast between the privilege or right to discriminate and the privilege or right not to be discriminated against. In other words, if a person belonging to the racial majority is stupid enough to choose to become a [...]

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What a review!

I came across this amazing review for Our Two Societies: Top customer reviews 5.0 out of 5 starsA book the forces you to think of who you ARE ByAlfredon August 23, 2017 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase There are a lot of great themes and life lessons you can glean from the experiences shared in this book. [...]

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My answer to: How, in the greatest country in the world, did we end up with Trump as president?

Please indulge me in covering a little bit of history before I get to the answer. God said let there be light. Then people started showing up, love happened, illness, death, eventually the world’s oldest profession arrived, followed by the world’s oldest economic system called slavery. Fast forward thousands of years to a time where [...]

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Introducing Our Two Societies

Over a decade of being in the recruiting industry, and concerns about the future of America’s workforce has prompted the creation of this book. This is a fun read that covers some serious tops the most important of which is the necessity of skills in a free market society. Our Two Societies Kindle Edition by Andre [...]

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